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Established track record with 17+ years of experience in helping organizations to efficiently use their networks; ensuring that the design of an organization's computer site allows all the components, including computers, the network, and software, to fit together and work properly. Also check and adjust the performance of existing networks and continually survey the current computer site to figure out future network needs; as well as troubleshoot problems reported by users and by automated network monitoring systems and make recommendations for enhancements in the implementation of future servers and networks.

Contact Information

Alexandre Cavalcante Alencar
Fortaleza - Ceará - Brazil
Celular: +55 (85) 98132-3600
E-mail: alexandre.alencar@gmail.com
Website: http://www.alexandrealencar.net
Weblog: http://blog.alexandrealencar.net


Be a member of your company and help to create better products and services.


  • MBA in Software Development and Project Management (2015-2017)
  • MBA in IT Governance (2010-2011)
  • Bachelor in Computer Science (2003-2009)

Training & Certification

  1. Microsoft Inc, Microsoft Online Services, Training
  2. ISACA/ITGI, COBIT 4.1 Foundations, Certification
  3. ISACA/ITpreneus, COBIT 4.1 Foundations, Training
  4. Scrum Alliance, Certified ScrumMaster, Certification
  5. Scrum Alliance, Certified ScrumMaster, Training
  6. EXIN, ITIL v3 Foundations, Certification 
  7. Linux Professional Institute, LPIC 101, Certification
  8. Microsoft, 70-210 Professional, Certification
  9. FastJob, Agile Project Management With Scrum, Training
  10. FoxIT, ITIL v3 Foundations, Training
  11. Profits, Software Sales Engineering Methodology, Training
  12. VOffice, Asterisk Advanced Skills, Training
  13. VOffice, Asterisk Fundamentals Skills, Training
  14. Innovus, Overview Voice over IP and Telephony over IP, Training
  15. F13 Tecnology, Version Control With SVN, Training
  16. F13 Tecnology, Version Control With CVS, Training
  17. F13 Tecnology, PostgreSQL Server, Training
  18. SEBRAE, Improving the Quality of Interpersonal Relations in Teamwork, Training
  19. SEBRAE, Personal and Professional Marketing, Training
  20. INSOFT, Object-Oriented Software Engineering Using UML, Patterns, and Java, Training
  21. INSOFT, Developing Object Oriented Software With Java
  22. Microsoft, Selling the Windows Server System Midsize Business, Training
  23. Microsoft, Small Business Sales and Marketing Skills Assessment, Training
  24. Microsoft, Microsoft Windows XP Hans On Labs, Training
  25. Conectiva, Integrating GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows Networks, Training
  26. Conectiva, Network Security - GNU/Linux Firewall, Training
  27. Conectiva, GNU/Linux Systems Administration II, Training
  28. Conectiva, GNU/Linux Systems Administration I, Training
  29. Microsoft, Microsoft Windows 2000 Hands On Labs, Training
  30. Microsoft, Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Servers, Training
  31. Microsoft, Microsoft Windows 2000 Network and Operating Systems Essential, Training


Working for the last 17 years with IT as responsible for network, infrastructure, system administration and team management with solid knowledge in business-focused technologies and best practices like ITIL, COBIT, PMBoK, SCRUM, BI, BPM, BPEL, SOA.

Extensive experience with GNU/Linux (Debian, Fedora, CentOS) and Microsoft Windows (NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008) operating systems from using to installing, maintaining the systems, its users and services. Hardware and networking skills. Skills with many free and open source software packages like Asterisk, Apache, Postfix, Cyrus IMAP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, OpenLDAP, Subversion and LTSP. I have some programming skills with C/C++, Java and Bash in object-oriented and procedural paradigms.

I also attended many courses, seminars, forums and lectures as expectant, speaker and organizer.

I do participate actively in the free and open source software community through communities like Debian-BR-CE, PSL-CE and Asterisk Brazil, as well as contributions in various projects. I help to keep up OpenR2, a MFC/R2 digital telephony signalling library for Asterisk and others softswitch. I was the Portuguese Brazil leader translator for LTSP 4x docs and also contributed with some patch's. I am a member of organization committee of events like Festival Latino-americano de Instalación de Software Libre and Forum Cearense de Software Livre that occur annually in the Fortaleza city.

Events and Presentations

  1. Seminar discusses actions of free software at Government of Ceará - "CTO/CIO and Free Software" - Speaker - Fortaleza/Brazil 
  2. CESOL 2008 - Viewer's - Fortaleza/Brazil
  3. Second Seminar on IP Telephony with Free Software - Viewer's - São Paulo/Brazil
  4. III Ceará Free Software Forum - Organization/Speaker - Fortaleza/Brazil
  5. FLISOL 2006 - "IP Telephony with Free Software", "LTSP - Linux Terminal Server Project" - Organization/Speaker - Fortaleza/Brazil
  6. II FIC Integrated Tecnology Week - "Introduction to GNU/Linux Operating System" - Speaker - Fortaleza/Brazil
  7. II Ceará Free Software Forum - "LTSP - Linux Terminal Server Project", "CTO/CIO and Free Software", "IP Telephony with Free Software" - Organization/Speaker - Fortaleza/Brazil
  8. 2005 FLF Vacation Trainings - "GNU/Linux for beginers" - Instructor - Fortaleza/Brazil
  9. VI International Free Software Forum - Viewer's - Porto Alegre/Brazil
  10. I Center-South Free Software Expo - "IP Telephony with Free Software" - Speaker - Iguatu/Brazil
  11. UNICE Guest Program - "IP Telephony with Free Software" - Speaker - Fortaleza/Brazil
  12. II FIC Integrated Tecnology Week - "IP Telephony with Free Software" - Speaker - Fortaleza/Brazil
  13. FLISOL 2005 - "LTSP - Linux Terminal Server Project" - Organization/Speaker - Fortaleza/Brazil
  14. I Ceará Free Software Forum - "Linux Terminal Server Project" - Organization/Speaker - Fortaleza/Brazil
  15. II Debian-BR-CE/UNICE Free Software Install Festival - "Linux Terminal Server Project" - Organization/Speaker - Fortaleza/Brazil
  16. VI International Free Software Forum - Viewer's - Porto Alegre/Brazil
  17. IV FLF SECOMP - Viewer's - Fortaleza/CE
  18. INFOBRASIL 2004 - "Linux Terminal Server Project" - Speaker - Fortaleza/Brazil
  19. Free Software Day - "Linux Terminal Server Project" - Organization/Speaker - Fortaleza/Brazil
  20. RNP/POP-CE/UFC - Computer Network Security Management - Viewer's - Fortaleza/Brazil