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terça-feira, agosto 23, 2011

Installing Citrix Receiver on Debian Squeeze

If you are trying any Citrix product that uses ICA protocol, you need to install Citrix Receiver. But it have a dependence in OpenMotif that is not enforced by the distributed package.

For your luck, Debian provides the libmotif4 package that should be installed to provide libXm.so.4 library file (actually a symbolic link to libXm.so.4.0.3). After that, Citrix Receiver will run as expected.

First, install libmotif4 using aptitude as follows

# aptitude install libmotif4

Then, install Citrix Receiver (in this case, distributed by XenDesktop media at Citrix Receiver and Plug-ins sub-directory)

# dpkg -i icaclient_11.100_i386.patched.deb

This same procedure applies for Ubuntu Linux

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