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terça-feira, setembro 03, 2013

Fix Windows 8 WPA2-Personal PSK/AES connection problem

If you try to connect a Windows 8 devices to a wireless network with both AES/PSK and PIN/WPS configuration modes, it will not work.

For some unknown reason, Windows 8 devices try to join the network using WPS/PIN, but the device is not expecting any WPS/PIN client and it will fail to establish a connection.

In the office network, all other devices running Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Linux work like a charm, but Windows 8 one simple don't. So I started checking what may be the problem and found that if I disable the WPS/PIN configuration for the router, Windows 8 clients start connecting and working with the network. It's annoying, but you can just print some WiFi Zone sign with instructions and a PSK distribution scheme (printed on the sign or by request).

That's it, to make Windows 8 clients work with your Wireless network in WPA2-Personal for AES and PSK, you must disable WPS/PIN options.

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